Dreamland by Carmelita Iezzi

“Dreamland”  is a place, a plan of the mind, where one in which creativity and physical beauty of the landscape combine to give strength and interpretative narrative.

All photos were taken in winter and snowy ranging from 2010 to 2015, the photographs strictly black and white represent that dreams are the physical space of reality, winter leaves its trace melancholy and the snow gives a feeling of magic to the surrounding landscape and lonely.

In my  walks I was inspired by listening music especially jazz that I really love and expresses the mood of the quiet winter.
Solitary trees and birds in search of freedom, seascapes and sometimes small human figures leave an  imprint of magic within this spatiality melancholy and white. [Official Website]

Sometimes I used soft filter over the lens to create  a setting and to make surreal glare almost magical.

 land of Oz

Carmelita Iezzi / Anna (a frozen day)

winter quietness whitescape Carmelita Iezzi / Snow story5 Carmelita Iezzi / Snow story3 Snow story morning light Carmelita Iezzi / Awakening soul Carmelita Iezzi / Algida Winter is over White mood Carmelita Iezzi Snow story4 Carmelita Iezzi Snow story2



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