AsiaStoryCovid-19: The full half by Omri Shomer

The plague caught us by surprise, and the house filled with tension. How can we stay at home without leaving? Without seeing our parents? our friends? And how can we deal with the children for such a long time.
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The plague caught us by surprise, and the house filled with tension. How can we stay at home without leaving? Without seeing our parents? our friends? And how can we deal with the children for such a long time.

The process, like any massive change, was difficult. At first, we were still trying to maintain a strict schedule: breakfast, study time, play time, lunch and so on until the evening. This is, by far, the longest time that my wife, Tamar, and I have been with the our children, In every moment of their lives, minute by minute. But the strict schedule didn’t last long, much of it as a result of our power loosening up as parents. One evening, Tamar and I sat on the couch after the children had already fallen asleep. Staring at the ceiling, exhausted, we wondered how we could hold on like this any longer. Tamar looked at me and said, this is the time to make a change, every time I was at work I always complained that I did not see the children. This is our time to get closer.
As time went by our priorities changed. The pursuit after our career diminished and the children filled this space with joy. Our little boy Ido started walking and we were there to see it for the first time.

The strict schedule was gone and spontaneous family activities came in place.Even as a street photographer who can no longer take pictures outside, I found the best of things. I took out the camera and slowly began to build a life diary that would enact our family history.To conclude, Even when it seems difficult and impossible to move on, try to look at the half full glass and of course document your life, because in doing so you are writing a historical period that you will learn in schools. From that period, I realized that there must be things that need to be done differently and the priorities that have so far dictated my reality and self-fulfillment are probably wrong.

About Omri Shomer

Omri Shomer Is a Street and Documentary Photographer from Israel. He born in 1982, Married to Tamar and father of Noam, his daughter and Ido, his son. Omri is a London photo festival finalist (2017),IP, IPA One Shot, IPA 2019 and Exibart Street  photography contest winner and APSA finalist (2018-19), International Lens Magazine continuator and X-photographer by Fuji. Omri Is filming and taking photos since the age of 13, when his father first brought home an 8mm video camera, and immediately afterwards he started to shoot stills with a film camera. Since then he Is obsessed with documenting people and situations. Omri has exhibited his photos In galleries around the world, in London, Budapest, Israel, Berlin, Greece, and Italy. In addition, his works have been published in many magazines and blogs including National Geographic (Daliy Dozen) , The Sun magazine, Eyeshot magazine, Lens Magazine and many more. [Official Website]

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