ConceptEuropeCluedo by Gary Sheridan

This series references the board game Cluedo, a who done it crime game where the objective is to find the murderer and the weapon that was used in the most heinous of all crimes. 
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This series references the board game Cluedo, a who done it crime game where the objective is to find the murderer and the weapon that was used in the most heinous of all crimes. 

The series is my investigation into the guilty pleasure gained from crime/murder TV. Is it because we can feel fear and horror in the safe controlled environment of our homes, allowing the rush of adrenalin and the satisfaction of solving crimes as an armchair detective?

Knowledge of the original board game will also reveal a shift in gender stereo types from when the game was originally conceived. How life moves on yet also how fragile life really is. The series was also inspired by William Blakes poem the Fly and how it leaves you questioning, is one life any more important than another?

Cluedo | Gary Sheridan

Little Fly

Thy summer’s play,

My thoughtless hand

Has brushes away.

Am not I

A fly like thee?

Or art not though

A man like me?

For I dance

And drink and sing,

Till some blind hand

Shall brush my wing..

Gary Sheridan

Gary Sheridan

Gary Sheridan

Gary Sheridan

Gary Sheridan

About Gary Sheridan

Gary has exhibited throughout the UK including solo exhibitions. It was whilst studying photography at the University of Wolverhampton in the UK that Gary found his passion for conceptual photography. His work draws on personal experience and his natural inquisitiveness in human behaviour. He constructs (often building sets in his studio) a series of work from a concept, such as in his recent work – Unwrapped, or he will see images in everyday life that speaks volumes to him, such as the piece Arbitrate. Whichever method of construction he uses, he intends the images to be multi-layered and engage the viewer thoughtfully, not just aesthetically. His work is vibrant, beautiful and seductive with a vein of humour that runs through its body, just as life should be, yet life is often not a bed of roses and Gary’s work often reveals a troubled society. [Official Website]

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