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Dodho Magazine partnered with GuruShots “The Worlds Greatest Photo Game” in a photo challenge contest  titled "Centered". The concept of this challenge was to place your subject in the center of your image - using a strong central focal point while exploring symmetry.
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Dodho Magazine partnered with GuruShots “The Worlds Greatest Photo Game” in a photo challenge contest  titled “Centered”

The concept of this challenge was to place your subject in the center of your image – using a strong central focal point while exploring symmetry.  Over 80,000 photos were submitted and more than 35 million votes were cast!

GuruShots is a platform for people who love taking photos. GuruShots believes that taking photos is an amazing way to express one’s self. Wanting it to be fun and meaningful, GuruShots turned the sharing of one’s photos into an exciting game packed with plenty of opportunities to show off one’s talent. Every month almost 4 billion votes are cast in over 400 themed challenges!  It’s free to join! Just  go to

Kalliopi Filippa – Greece
Top Photographer

Ksenija Glavak – Croatia
Top Photo

David Ghisa – Luxembourg
Guru’s Top Pick

Adrian Minda-Germany

Akos Harmati-Hungary

Aline Sprauel- France

Anas Alkharbootly-United-Arab Emirates

András Klein-Hungary

Andrius La Rotta-Colombia

Anelly Kremenska-Bulgaria

ARTEM AVDEEV-Russian-Federation

Bajkó Tamás-Hungary

Barath Ravikumar-United-States

Bart Buckalew-United States

Brian Sanders-Great Britain (UK)

Carmen Watkins-Romania

Catherine Litster-United Kingdom

Chris Photos International-France

Christian Schulz-Germany

Danny Marx-Belgium

Daryl Harkins-United States

Dave Loewen-Canada

David Sharp-United Kingdom

Edwin Westerhoff-Netherlands

Ellis Mulder-Netherlands

Evgeniy Lyukhanov-Russia

Filip Vancoillie-Belgium

Fourthcreek-United States

Kostiantyn Kostin-Finland

Georg HK-Austria

Georgian Grigore-United States

Gilles Massard-France

Håkan Liljenberg-Sweden

Harry Eggens-Netherlands

Hermann Klecker-Germany

Ilan Horn-Israel

Ircsi Ecsedi-Hungary

Ivica Prević-Croatia

Jacek Raszewski-United Kingdom

Jack Julius-United states

Jan Guenther Kaczmierczak-Germany

Jay McCartney-New Zealand

Jennifer Benney-United States

Juan Carlos Fernández Gamazo-Spain

Junyi Jia-China

Juraj Benčík-Czechia

Kamel Dupuis Perez-United States

Kirrily Steele-Australia

Koos Smit-South africa

Krystian Telenga-Poland


Laura Fokkema-Netherlands

Lidija Rakar-Croatia

Luca Rubbis-Italy

Luis Jamez

Luis Talon-Spain


Manfred Matzinger-Austria

Marc Frigon-United States

Marco A.Cartas Ayala-United States

Marco Piramo-Italy

Margie Troyer-United States

Mario Smokovic-Croatia

Martin Březina-Czechia

Martin Burrows-United Kingdom

Max Olivier Berrou-United States

Maya Kmecova-United States

Michael Böckling-Germany

Michael Hemming-United States

Michelle Hubbard-United States

Moshe Michaeli-Israel

MP Duarte-Portugal

Nick Art-Indonesia

Nora Keri-Hungary

Nynke van Holten-Netherlands

Oleg Kamikaze-Latvia

Olivier Kieffer-Belgium

Pascal Lagesse-Mauritius

Patrick Nealis-United States

Peter Russo-Australia


Rado Leicher-Slovakia

Rita Juraitė Jankauskienė-Republic of Lithuania

Roberto Candeias

Ron Meyers-United States

Ronen Rosenblatt-Israel

Ruthie Carll-United States


Sergey Uskov-Russian Federation

Shanna Simic-Netherlands

Stéphanie François Chartier-France

Stephanie Kemsley-United States

Steven Jodoin-Australia

Sylwester Sosiński-Poland

Valérie Karakatsanis-France

vietphan535474-United States

Wolfgang Weber-Germany

Zman Caule-United States

Zoary Rafransoa-Madagascar

Zoltán Radics-Hungary

Zsuzsa Balog-Hungary

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