Burma by Marco Coppo


Marco Coppo is an Italian professional photographer, who lives in Casale Monferrato, a small town between Milan and Turin. Following his father’s footsteps, he starts photographing very young.

At first he deals with wedding photography. This particular activity teaches him to respect the needs and requirements of different customers. It’s also an opportunity to hone his photographic skills.
After few years, thanks to a friend that opens a dance school, Marco begins to capture the dancers on the stage and in different locations, immortalizing lightness, elegance and tenderness. Shortly, dance photos become the focus of Marco’s work. Today he works for more than 30 dance school. This specialization leads him to move across northern Italy on the occasion of essays, performances, competitions and workshops.

The special ability of Marco in capturing moving figures and emotions that arise during shows and dance lessons helped him realizing the photos of  his second great passion: traveling. This is how intense and exciting portraits, captured in various adventures, are born, usually in places that maintain a delicate balance between past and present, where you can still feel, in the eyes of a child or in the faces carved by time, a spontaneity difficult to find in Italy.

Marco has always loved traveling, but in recent years he prefers the most exotic and distant destinations. Here he has the opportunity to know and appreciate very different traditions and customs, which have a strong charm on him and his photography.

The great photographer Robert Doisneau said: I try to capture the reality not as it is, but how I wish it was. Marco tries to do the same. For this reason, every time he steals with his camera special atmospheres, fleeting moments and unbelievable experiences, he tries to show a symbolic and illustrative reality.
The subjects of his photographs show a special beauty: a beauty that doesn’t reside in the faces and bodies of the photographed people, but in their eyes, wrinkles, and smiles. With a single click their physical condition of misery is transformed into an image of great charm and beauty.

Today Marco splits his art between two seemingly incompatible passions: dance and travels.

With his dance photographs and his portraits, has won several awards on important specialized websites and in various contests in Italy, Slovenia and Turkey.[Official Website]

Marco Coppo

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 Marco Coppo

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