Botanical by Áine

Áine – I´m a Canadian Fine Arts Photographer, graduate of the Ontario College of Art , Toronto, Canada.  I have been developing my technique for the past 10 years. The unique process that I have developed in photographing plants, results in the creation of a new vision of Botanical art.

Working with an immense variety of single images, comprised of a multitude of focal points with a play of light and illumination in each individual photograph, the whole picture then develops into an endless amount of dimension and a fascinating expression of movement.

Throughout this process, the botanical images exude an extraordinary depth and captivating form of movement. The process that I use when producing my botanical still-life is quite complicated. My complete photographic process may take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. I like to observe the plant to find out what aura it displays and what it possesses to make it so unique.

Cabage-Anne Hoerter - Áine -
Botanical by Áine

Following this, I usually have the final image compiled in my mind. Then I tend to work backwards. I take the plant apart and photograph each piece under different lighting situations and depth of field. After completing this, I then use a computer programme to put it together in order to create my final composition.

Observing the negative space between objects first is critical, for this plays a very important role in the final design. My Forest and Element Series consists of up to 300 single images. I photograph each individual tree etc., some in focus, and others out of focus. I will sometimes photograph the same trees throughout a period of a week or year at various times. All this provides the viewer with a unique representation of nature.

The viewer feels drawn into these images and finds himself immersed in the work. They leave reality behind, and imagine themselves in that particular time and place. One becomes mesmerized by the unique depth of field and surreal movement of the plant or forest. I have been trying to perfect this technique throughout many years and I believe that my process gives the plant a smooth, flowing movement that I would see in nature but often tend to miss. I am fascinated by the immense diversity of forms found in plants and nature and see my work as a modern form of plant documentation with a twist, especially my Ebony series. [Official Website]

I´m not out to produce the perfect image but one that still breathes.

Cyclamen root-Anne Hoerter - Áine -
Botanical by Áine

Clematis-Anne Hoerter - Áine - Anemone- Anne Hoerter - Áine - Alstromerea-Anne Hoerter - Áine - Pitcher plant - Anne Hoerter Orchid-Anne Hoerter Nigella-Anne Hoerter Nigella Blue-Anne Hoerter Iris-Anne Hoerter Iris 2-Anne Hoerter Helleborus-Anne Hoerter Grape Hyacinth - Anne Hoerter Freesia - Anne Hoerter

Falling Orchid-Anne Hoerter
Botanical by Áine
Anemone Seeds-Anne Hoerter
Botanical by Áine

Forest 2-Anne Hoerter Forest 1-Anne Hoerter Forest 3-Anne Hoerter



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