Beauty shooting without camera and studio by Balint Nemes

Beauty shooting without camera and studio?

I have always been curious how is it possible to use alternative tools, places and equipment in order to make fashion or beauty pictures. The development of the photography technic helps almost as much to an artist as it take away from his creativity.

I was not able to keep up with the accelerated technical newness but I did not want to give up my passion to make interesting pictures. So my new concept is the art of solving the challenging situation of not having any camera and still making fashion pictures. The first project was to put a great team of a stylist, make-up artist and model and direct them. From the begging till the end. I had the most exhausting shooting ever in my life but the most inspiring at the same time. I could develop a new skill which I call passing the picture. As I had no camera in my hand I felt rather like a conductor than a virtuoso. So the result more depended on me than the members of the team or the circumstances.

Gave me more independent artistic creativity and self-confident. Just thinking about what can any of us make with a top model, with the best make-up artist and stylist in the best studio of New York using the latest version of the best camera brand ever. Probably no question we will have such an amazing pictures. In this situation the real art is to ruin the result of the shooting not to make it. However the top fashion photographers in the world somehow can create something everlasting with this environment. I think because they already developed what I have just started and now they just play on the scene and enjoy the making so much that can be seen on the result.

I have so much to learn and explore and for me a few years ago it seemed that there have already been invented in fashion photography, but it looks like the more I know the more I learn the more opportunities I can see where creativity can develop and I think the most beautiful in this is that it seems to me no limit. Probably because creativity has the roots in the imagination of the human being which will never stop and makes us so much different than machines and robots. So we don’t have to be afraid that one day these gadgets will take place humans. We are and will always be ahead of them! [Hair / MUA: Aleksa Sidorina | Stylist: Stacy Linevich  | Model: Marketa  | Video: Mercedesz Canka ]



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