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Dodho Magazine partnered with GuruShots “The Worlds Greatest Photo Game” in a photo challenge contest to its titled “Beautiful Houses”. Over 100,000 photos were submitted and more than 45 million votes were cast!
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Dodho Magazine partnered with GuruShots “The Worlds Greatest Photo Game” in a photo challenge contest to its titled “Beautiful Houses”. Over 100,000 photos were submitted and more than 45 million votes were cast!

GuruShots is a platform for people who love taking photos. GuruShots believes that taking photos is an amazing way to express one’s self. Wanting it to be fun and meaningful, GuruShots turned the sharing of one’s photos into an exciting game packed with plenty of opportunities to show off one’s talent. Every month almost 4 billion votes are cast in over 400 themed challenges!  It’s free to join! Just  go to

Victor Nigro – Brazil
Top Photographer

Andy Fowlie – Finland
Top Photo

Carla Petrillo – United States
Guru’s Top Pick

Vikranth Thupili-Finland


Mariusz Curyło-Poland

Miroslav Vajdić-Croatia

Alesha Ronkin-Israel



Helen Matten-United-Kingdom

Lange Michal-Austria

Alex Dah-United-States

Erik Ersson-Sweden

Felix Hebeisen-Switzerland


Perka Per Åke Tessem-Sweden

walt.payne1957-United States

Heidi Ljungdahl-Sweden

Kathleen Kline-United States

Witek Líbal-Czechia

Ana Paula Filipe-Portugal

Cherkaoui Monika-Germany

AndreyP Protsenko-Israel

kellie lejeune-Canada

Vivi Radix-Germany

George Campbell-United-States

Gianandrea Tognini-Germany

Þorsteinn H Ingibergsson-Iceland

Grigory Pavlovsky-Russia

Gabija Wolmer-Spain

Ildiko Lukács-Sweden

Vera Tomić-Serbia

Sanne Rosenmay-Denmark

Dmitry Gorodetsky-Russia

Ken Webb-United States

Denise Chapman-United-States

Frédéric Pallanca-France

József Rozemberszky-Italy

Hansje Hardenberg-Luxembourg

Lea Baum-Israel

Adam Rubinstein-Israel

Anna Langelaar-Netherlands

Trevor Montgomery-Great-Britain (UK)

Alexander Tarasenkov-Russia

Chantal CECCHETTI-France

Hossam Sadek-United States

Dave Jowett-United Kingdom

Maria Lps-Brazil

Erin Childs-United states

Valentina Branzova-Bulgaria

Dewan Karim-Canada

Giuseppe Fallica-Italy

Rauno Ridala-Estonia

Kathy Puckett-United States

Sheri Fresonke Harper-United States


Aleksandr Voloshin-Russia

Scenes by Susan-United states

Irén Bartha-Hungary

Judy Pitt-United states

Nick T.-Canada

Terje Corneliussen-Norway

Anna Glegoła-Poland

Philippe Eymeric-France

Siv Jannecke Haugen-Norway

Dawn Branton-Australia

iZsa Kadomi-Belgium

Cato Mortensen-Norway

Maria Sifaki-Greece

Gilles Massard-France

Stanley Zheng-Canada

Nhat Bui-Denmark

Tibor Pinter-United Kingdom

Riana Potgieter-South Africa

Christiane Heggemann-Germany

Christer Valtanen-Finland

Angelo Casto-Italy

Jørgen Kvam-Norway

Colette van Eck-Netherlands

Cynthia Bridges-United States

Patti Spamers-South africa

Pollyanna Wasilewska-Poland

Katalin Galgóczy-Hungary

Stefan Thorvardarson-Iceland

Tero Männistö-Finland


Joana Duarte-Portugal

Igor Mozel-Russia

Dagrun Stokke-Norway

Jan Livingston-United States

eva.zselyke-Great Britain (UK)

Jennifer Benney-United States

Hermann Klecker-Germany

Christiaan Czíria-Hungary

Mike Melligan-United States

Claire Aubertel-Spain

Flavio Abbatelli-Italy

Per Hultebrand-Sweden

Christine Le Duc-France

Legal Note: The photographer attest that have full authorization to give consent to the publication of these photos or project and have the authorization and permissions of third parties. Guarantees that you have all the necessary communications of property and you have obtained all the necessary authorizations for any property, buildings, architecture, structures or sculptures appearing in your photographs.

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