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 Anita Balogh

I’m Anita Balogh, I live in the western border of Hungary near to Vienna, Austria. My original profession is educationalist but I’ve been working in health tourism for many years.

I was a disciple of a Hungarian painter who was fond of talking about aesthetics and it was determinative in connection with arts for me.

I’ve been interested in photography for ten years, I was constantly searching for the iconic photographers. In my view people’s real insight cannot be formed without a basic knowledge of photography. I’ve been constantly looking for more informations about it since then. In the course of the time digital photography eclipsed the world of film reels. I got more and more seriously interested in the process of film raw material, chemicals and lab. I purchased my medium format lab equipment and after a lot of research on the net and reading specialist books I acquired the film processing and how to enlarge paper.  It radically changed my attitude and the way of my expression. This ritual needs a lot of care, concentration and a real knowledge. I’m looking for the best sense of the artistic branch of photography, the roots of the presentations form, the recognition and application of analog techniques. The black-and-white film as a raw material can manifest the illusion of sentimental purity, timelessness is observable and feasible.

I don’t want to express my evidence with words but with pictures.

My models are usually placed into stories and situations that is different from everyday form of appearance, they almost offer intimate closeness, I always try to make special impression. I want to extricate the viewer from the superficial present. I want to make them stuck in an implemented status, dimension made by me and lose themselves in visage and human beauty. I’m far from extraordinary accuracy and precision. I simply let the moment come that is true .. [Official Website]

 Anita Balogh

diptyque1 deerstop  Anita Balogh  Anita Balogh Intho the wild1 Anita Balogh Voodoo1 Untitled-33 Untitled-32a Untitled-10a Nightingale2 Lolita2 Lolita1 Into the wild4 Anita Balogh Into the wild2 Hewdera3 Hedera2 Hedera1 eden diptyque3

 Anita Balogh

 Anita Balogh



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