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Amri Arfianto – I am photographer from indonesia. and i live in Dubai UAE now. My current job is full time employee in Emirates Groups. In 2008 when I first bought DSLR I just think photography as hobby and my passion.

I don’t decide yet which photography genre I will go for seriously. I just enjoy whatever I can take for a picture then I start to look in photography websites.I really enjoy with some of photographer’s work .Their works are so beautiful and awesome.

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Some photographer’s work influence me like chip phillips and artwolf.They are really good in landscape and travelling photography.
I always see their works and keep in my mind for the composition in my works. I work hard to learn photography ,in particularly composition. I start to think to get one photo in my life ,will make me so proud. And eventually in 2011 , I won the first prize for HIPA contest and Abudhabi NatGeo. These Prizes kept my spirit to learn deep about photography. Then I started to follow some photo contest. 2014 I won 2 photo contest in Indonesia and 1 in uae. Also I got commended 50 the best photo in culture and art category for sony WPO. With join the contest photo I learn a lot of things , despite of I don’t win but at least I will know what will do for next step.
I use mirrorless camera Fujifilm XT1 and XPro 1 and the lenses are 10-24mm fujinon.14-150mm fujinon. 35mm fujinon. 50mm zeiss toiut

In future I will do more intense in travel photography and macro photography .i really love to do travelling and will make documentation of my journeys. The photography give a lot of benefit, particularly in social life like friends , cultures ,arts and people that I never know them before. [Official Website]

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