Amongst Fire

Author: Justin Pelletier | Duration: 06:38min

Experimental short documentary, Amongst fire, captures the essence of a relationship between the people of indonesia and nature’s most unpredictable giants; volcanoes.

Vancouver, B.C. (December 4, 2017). Taking place on the volcanic islands of Indonesia, Amongst Fire is an experimental short documentary exploring what it’s like living amongst nature’s most unpredictable giants. More than 75% of Indonesian residents live within 100 km of a Holocene volcano, the highest number of people of any of the world’s volcanic regions. This notion sparked the interest of Filmmakers Justin Pelletier and Adam Maruniak, as they ventured off the beaten path to learn what it’s like living amongst these volatile beasts.

About Justin Pelletier

Growing up, I always remember being instinctively drawn to aesthetic. Throughout my life, that same theme has lead me to my most meaningful and passionate pursuit – cinematic storytelling. Guided by a problem solving mindset, I now dedicate my life to mastering my craft and offering unique visual experiences through the cinematic medium. Justin Pelletier is a cinematographer currently residing between Toronto, Vancouver and the rest of the world.



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