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Aleksandar Gligoric was born in 1979. in Novi Sad, the capital of culture in former Yugoslavia. Ever since he was a child, he has expressed great interest in different forms of art, especially music, fine literature, cinema and photography.

He was a guitar player for a few influential rock bands at the time and he was doing photography as a hobby, but having to support his family in a country torn by wars and constant crisis, he was forced to put his real interests and talents a side for a while.

He started a few business, which all turned out to be very successful and a few years ago, when he could finally find the time to devote himself to his real passions, he started doing photography as something more than just a hobby. He has an excellent eye for the esthetics and detail, which is the firs thing you will notice on his photographs. He has presented his work throughout all kinds of social media and reaction of the public to his work is astounding. He is able to capture an entire story on just one photo and what he perhaps lacks in formal education, he truly does make up for with talent and natural ability to see things in a unique way. His landscapes are full of life, colors and light and his portraits are overwhelming with emotion that he seems to be able to bring to surface, from what seems to be an ordinary subject on the first glance.

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Fashion Photography / Aleksandar Gligoric

When it comes to his relationship to clients, he is very flexible, devoted, open-minded, open to suggestions and always available to people he works for and people he works with. After all, he would not have been able to succeed in other lines of business if he did not have people skills and quality relationships with his clients, so he is definitely the person to work and cooperate with.
Alexander is also very open to people, has a great sense of humor and seems to be able to form a kind of closeness with subjects on the photo shoot, so that is probably the reason why people open up to him more than they normally would and let out the emotion that is captured on the photographs. That is after all what makes them so special. When it tomes to editing, retouching, lighting and adding effects to photographs, he has is self-educated on these matters and has great experience in editing photos and adjusting them to achieve specific effects.
But, perhaps the most important thing of all is the “why” he is doing the photography in the first place? The answer is as simple as it could be- because he loves it! It is a pure luxury many others don’t get to have and it is also the reason he is able to choose his clients. He is doing photography out of pure passion and unlike for others who treat it as merely a profession or a job, for him it is a calling! [Official Website]

Fashion Photography / Aleksandar Gligoric

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Fashion Photography / Aleksandar Gligoric
Fashion Photography / Aleksandar Gligoric

photo : Aleksandar “Alex The Great” Gligoric | style : Arte e Moda team | make up: Vesna Gligoric | hair style: Lazar Kovacevic | model: Dunja Radicevic



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