The 9 Month Story by Satyaki Biswas


“Whether your pregnancy was meticulously planned, medically coaxed, or happened by surprise, one thing is certain – your life will never be the same.”

Cathrine Jones

And what else we can say about this. I met her in my college days during early 2005. Me and my wife had a 7-year-old courtship period before we got married 3 years back. We had so many ups and downs. sometimes it was like spring and sometimes it was like a tsunami onslaught in our relationship.

Last year she got pregnant with her first baby and after 9 months she delivered a baby girl. We apparently found peace and happiness again. This is a wonderful feeling for a woman to slowly experience the changes in her body and mind. But this doesn’t get always restricted to herself only. It’s a journey of the entire family and the surroundings as well. We have experienced different phases. Sometimes it was so pleasant and the next moment it may be an upside down story. She had always a fear of not able to bear the child throughout this whole period but eventually she had hold the fort successfully for the 9 months and I must say it is the family who stood by her and vice versa.

So this photo story I have tried to capture the difficulties and happiness of her most important 9 months. It is not only a story of her but this might be the story of every other woman out there in the world who eventually metamorphose to become a mother over a period of 9 full moon. This is a tribute to the eternally undying spirit of the motherhood of each and every mother including mother earth. [Official Website]




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