60s NYC by Michael Seif

Bear Dens | 60s NYC | Michael Seif

This work is classic, it’s beautiful, and it clearly inserts itself comfortably and strongly into the history of photography. [LensCulture – Photography Review]

In the 1960s I lived and worked in New York City, carried my camera everywhere, and photographed every chance I had – day and night, above ground and in the subways.The camera forced me to look, and to actually see. I photographed zoos, aquariums, and beaches, street fairs, buildings, sculptures and public art. But my main love was photographing people. Some photos were candid, as I captured subjects in a fraction of a second.I asked other subjects for permission to photograph them, some as solo portraits, others as groups.Today, almost 50 years later, I look back at this time capsule of photographs and am very joyful that I was able to record those places, people, and times.

About Michael Seif

Although not my profession, for the past 50 years, photography has been my passion.In the mid 1960s, I began photographing the streets of New York City. Since then, I have photographed during my travels through most European countries, India, and throughout the United States.

My most recent projects have been photographing the human figure abstracted by water, and photographing wildlife and other images in nature. I’ve learned photography over the years, in lectures, workshops, critiques, and by studying photographs themselves. I have taken classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the New School in NYC and have attended lectures and workshops with Larry Fink, Lisette Model, Dianne Arbus, Ernst Haas, and many others. My work has been shown in more than 40 juried group shows throughout the US, and in close to a dozen solo or featured-artist shows. [Official Website]

Bethesda Fountain |60s NYC | Michael Seif
Bridge Outing | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Bocce | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Bodega-LowerEastSide | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Boy On A Hydrant | 60s NYC | Michael Seif

Fried Dough | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Friends | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Guiuca Bros Prime Meats |60s NYC | Michael Seif
HoJo | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Hot Dog Boy | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Josephs Barber Shop | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Lioness | 60s NYC | Michael Seif

Portrait in Black | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Revlon Plaza | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Sativa | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Seal Pool | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
3 sleep subway | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
AntiquesMan | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Balloon Water Race | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Snow On Steps | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Subway Worker | 60s NYC | Michael Seif
Two Fishmen | 60s NYC | Michael Seif


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