Minotaurus by Mitar Terzic

Minotaurus / Mitar Terzic monolog

I was born in Plaza de Toros. Since I was a child I have  been wandering through the corridors admiring brave bulls and valiant toreros.

I am bewitched by the corrida, with the colour of the sand of the bullring, cheering of the people at the sunset,with  the flash of veronica…but inside of me I feel the pulse of my dark destiny…kill or to be killed.

The curse of being different is like a flame. This fire confuse me, consume me and make me feel alone…

Being different can be a terrible burden .In Ancient Greece, a wise man wrote a tale about a creature doomed and shunned without any  guilt of his own.

The Minotaur, a monster, was condemned to live in the Labyrinth to hide the shame of his parents.But as in a life, behind the appearances, there are always many hidden messages…

Many years later, in his novel “The house of Asterion”, Jose Luis Borghes showed us Minotaur from one different perspective. This photo story is inspired in this tale, but set in another time and place. [Official website]

Minotaurus / Mitar Terzic 2-Playground


Minotaurus / Mitar Terzic 3-The game 4-Attraction Minotaurus / Mitar Terzic 5-Training 6-Doubt Minotaurus / Mitar Terzic 7-Bull power 8- Internal fight Minotaurus / Mitar Terzic 9-Suit of lights 10-Corridor 11-No place under the sun

Minotaurus / Mitar Terzic 12-Death



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