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At a very young age I received my very first Kodak, it made me look differently to the world, seen true a very small hole it narrowed my view and showed only the things I wanted to see.
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Gittan Beheydt – At a very young age I received my very first Kodak, it made me look differently to the world, seen true a very small hole it narrowed my view and showed only the things I wanted to see.  

Many years passed away and beginning 2010 I started seriously with photography again. Today photography is a way of living to me, without it I cannot breathe.  

In need to express myself in a creative way and photography is the perfect tool for me since I’m not a writer or a painter.   Every single moment is spent on creating the story I want to tell with images. A story of my imaginary world, a testimony, a perception of the world as I see him or rather how I would like it to be.  A place where we can live sore free and peaceful in perfect harmony with all is surroundings.  Mother earth of incomparable beauty that blends in with the creations built by human hands. A place that soothes our so hectic life and were we so often forget to just make time to live within.

Gittan Beheydt Gittan Beheydt Gittan Beheydt Gittan Beheydt Gittan Beheydt Gittan Beheydt

I do have a slightly preference for large areas in the middle of nowhere or even on the border of civilization without any point off interest. Taking always the time to smell the place, to become one with it, to envision the way I want the image. The simplicity of those places opens up my creativity and inspiration.  Mostly I even do not care if the light isn’t optimal for shooting. The most important to me is framing the image and the sharpness all the other settings are quit done in a very natural feeling without thinking about it.

 Since lately I certainly prefer to shoot in manual mode with the long exposure time control. I like this technique to suspend time. By freezing water and giving impetus to the clouds, I transform the vision of the place, the landscape. This one is timeless, and it allows me to express my own vision of photography, a place or scene. Even during the process of shooting, it takes time to make the image, allowing time to enjoy the scene and moment and this is very important to me.

This way of shooting is very different then when I started in 2010. Then I took so many images of the same scene to be sure to have that single perfect one, now I just take a single one. Bringing me back to the days I shoot with film, it was a time that accuracy counted so much, every image taken needed to be perfect, in reason I did not wanted to spoil the film.  Being accurate and taken the time for every single image gives me much more satisfaction ….

Another of my recent point of interest in photography is architecture. The lines and shapes are so attractive as well in modern architecture as in ancient architecture.  You could say there is some mystery around them that I love to render in my images.

I love black and white photography where the colors do not distract the mood and feeling I like to render and allowing me to give a much deeper soul to my images.  Still I also love for a lot of my seascapes to render them in color with soft tones and somehow a bit washed out colors.

My photographic journey is continuously ongoing and as an amateur photographer I feel the need to evolve constantly, I guess I will never stop to learn, and move further on.  In mine opinion it is very important to be very critical for myself and in that way when I show some of my work I’m always very unsecure.  The most beautiful experience to me is when people tell me that they are touched by my images, then I know the vision and story behind my images where transferred and that is the only thing who really count to me. [Official Website]
Gittan_Beheydt_III__II__III Gittan_Beheydt_Haven Of Peace Gittan_Beheydt_Guidance III Gittan_Beheydt_Guidance II Gittan_Beheydt_Groyne Gittan_Beheydt_Digue Gaston Berthe_Calais Gittan_Beheydt_V Gittan_Beheydt_L+®on's Groyne Gittan_Beheydt_Who Wins Gittan_Beheydt_The Live Saviors Gittan_Beheydt_The Current Took Me Down Gittan_Beheydt_Rays Of Light


Gittan_Beheydt_Fly-Fishing On A Sunday Afternoon Gittan_Beheydt_Sempiternal Gittan_Beheydt_Timeless Gittan_Beheydt_The-Flood Gittan_Beheydt_Sunset In Paradise Gittan_Beheydt_Slices Of Placidity Gittan_Beheydt_Silence III Gittan_Beheydt_Silence II Gittan_Beheydt_Silence I

Gittan_Beheydt_Left Step __ Right Step

Gittan_Beheydt_Winter Trees II

Gittan_Beheydt_Winter Trees Gittan_Beheydt_Winter Trees IV Gittan_Beheydt_Winter Tree

Gittan_Beheydt_Winter Trees I

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