Amanda Dandeneau Photography

Amanda Dandeneau (b.1987) received her BFA in Photography with a concentration in Art History from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2009. 

In her work she explores the dynamics of femininity and female relationships, particularly her own relationship with her mother.

She believes in the development of the female mind through the affects of interacting with other women as opposed to living up to a male inspired/conceived paradigm. She searches for the small subtle signs and symbols of shared perceptions, particularly about beauty and the female body, that connect women to other women and from which we learn and grow as individuals. As a recent extension of her work with women and how they identify with their bodies, she is exploring similar themes with male subjects in studies of how they relate to their own bodies and other males in the nude. Amanda combines landscapes, still lifes, and portraiture as a way to form a dialogue between the space and the subject. Amanda’s inspiration to become a photographer comes from the love of forming a relationship between a subject, herself, and a camera. There is a closeness as well as a distance that fascinates her while she is making a picture. Amanda’s photographs have been shown in New York, Chicago, Rhode Island, and Louisiana. She has also been published in American Photography 25 and 28.  She currently resides in Brooklyn, N.Y, where she works as a freelance photographer. [Official Website]

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