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Victoria Art

Victoria Art –  I’m a photographer Victoria Art from Kiev, Ukraine. I am inspired by talented people and photography “8 stories Vivienne”, was devoted to rethinking creativity British designer Vivienne Westwood.

This is my subjective view of her contribution to the history of modern fashion. Pictures on the verge of dream and reality modern view of the

fairytale style comes from realizing that fashion photography is surreal and fashion will always be mysterious island of dreams -down to earth and at the same time sublime. Vivienne Westwood has managed to prove that the podium – a place not only for the graceful elegance and refined femininity. Outrageous audacity and romance as corporate identity proves that fashion – a very multi-faceted and constantly evolving phenomenon of modern life. I enter the warehouse conceptual creative group of young artists UBERfashionLab [Official Website]

Victoria Art

Victoria Art Victoria Art Victoria Art art 5. photosession(9918)(2015) 6. photosession(9910)(2015) 7. photosession(0053)(2015) 8. photosession(0066)(2015) 9. photosession(0006)(2015) 10. photosession(0020)(2015) 12. photosession(9789)(2015) 14. photosession(9815)(2015) 16. photosession(9794)(2015) 20. photosession(0099)(2015) 21. photosession(0118)(2015) 22. photosession(9740)(2015) 23. photosession(9717)(2015) 24. photosession(9652)(2015) 25. photosession(9645)(2015) 26. photosession(8706)(2015) 27. photosession(8781)(2015) 28. photosession(9099)(2014) 30. photosession(8858)(2015) 31. photosession(8887)(2015) 32. photosession(8916)(2015) 33. photosession(8902)(2014) art 34. photosession(8911)(2014) art 35. photosession(8913)(2015)



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