Urban Moods by Alex Axon


Urban Moods is a photo project that tells the story of the city dynamism through bicycles and umbrellas captured in constant movement and surrounded by patterns, lines, textures. The entire series was shot in 2-3 years in various cities: London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Sibiu, Breaza, Bucharest and Eforie.

There’s no catch to this project, nor a lesson to be learned. Just picture the world as you know it by now, allowing you to observe every thin line that shapes it, every geometrical shape that holds it all together. It’s a simple and honest wander through others people’s lives in a minimalistic view, shot in black & white.

The project, as most of my work, is an experiment based on a silent agreement with the world outside that I can freeze some slices of real life into photos for the sake of the viewer.


About Alex Axon

I’m an autodidact Fine Art Photographer living in Bucharest and taking advantage of my short wanderings through the world to freeze moments. It all started in 2004 with a 1st prize at “See Orange” photography contest in Romania and since then, I’ve been working on personal exhibitions and shooting people or their traces. I enjoy using minimal or abstract themes in my works, even if sometimes, they may be hard to recognize in the eye of the public. I like to think my work is as good or as bad as the power of the viewer to create a story around it. [Official Website]



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