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Today, the political permeates most practices in the everyday of an individual who both executes and produces them and only rarely (in most cases) questions and examines their origin.
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Photography has been a part of my life since my childhood, but in the past ten years, I have been pursuing it intensely, to the point that it has become a part of my everyday life, even though I’m not a pro photographer, nor do I wish to become one.

All I want to do is create. Ten years ago, something just clicked inside me, when I had to pour out my feelings and thoughts, and it was photography that enabled me to do it. Eventually, I became so engrossed in photography that it became the only medium through which I express myself.

– To observe – To document – To communicate – To warn – To take a stand

Today, the political permeates most practices in the everyday of an individual who both executes and produces them and only rarely (in most cases) questions and examines their origin. The complex array of topics pertaining to the notion of the political affect the individual from cradle to tomb without (in most cases) the individual’s awareness thereof. All these practices and ideas which are in constant conflict are translated and assimilated via various fields into the individual’s everyday. One such field is photography whose very power lies in being politically incorrect in practice. Only thus can it be morally and ethically pure – a factor of reflection and promotion of awareness.

I was born 1969 in Celje, Slovenija; this is where I live. I have held some solo and several group exhibitions at home and abroad. I have received several Slovenian and international awards and prizes for my photos. [Official Website]

My head is full of ideas I still want to realise, and there are some I’ve started working on. I’m just in the process of finishing two series, The 20th Century and Family Album or Seminar on Youth. I’m also planning a big production in the near future, but that would require rather large financial resources, so it’s still on hold for now.

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    janssens serge

    May 26, 2014 at 22:47

    J’aime cette photographie qui nous laisse dans l’anxiété et le questionnement . Alicia à les siennes , moi j’ai les miennes et cela est très bien ainsi . Mes félicitations pour ton travail ! Serge

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