The Langtang Survivors by Jan Møller Hansen

Hundred disappeared when entire villages and homes in Langtang were wiped out when landslides, avalanches and icefalls caused by the two earth quakes that hit Nepal on 25. April and 12. May 2015.

This is a collection of portraits of the Langtang survivors. The portraits were taken while the survivors were living in temporary tents in the capital Kathmandu.

Most of the survivors have now returning to the devastated areas in search of their loved ones and rebuilding their homes and businesses. Identity and community belongingness plays a very important role in the recovery of the earthquakes in Nepal. Communities and people are staying together helping each other.

These are the brave and strong people of the Langtang region in Nepal. As a viewer, you should know that on many of these photos close family members are missing. [Official Website]

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The Langtang Survivors / Jan Møller Hansen

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