The land by Michał Konrad

The land | Michał Konrad

I had a dream, how a strange weakness overwhelmed me. I felt heavy, my legs like roots were rooted in the ground. Every step was difficult, after which fatigue grew.

I stood motionless, cool, without feeling or fear. I saw myself in the reflection of water. Is it me?, or maybe already my soul?.

I live in a small town in Upper Silesia in Poland. Every day, I watches clouds of smoke coming from a nearby mine. Dense air steeped in smog often does not allow me to breathe normally. I could leave here, see the sea or the mountains every day. Forests, other cities. I could breathe clean air. I could leave here, but somehow I can not. This place is neither nice nor ugly, I do not know if I like or dislike it. But here I was born, this landscape penetrated me. He became a part of me, I will become a part of this land someday.

I have worked on “ The land ” project for the last one and a half years. All photos in the project are my self-portraits.

I took photographs in vicinity of the town where I was born and live to this day. The project is a record of my emotions to the place where I have my roots.

About Michał Konrad

Michał Konrad (birth name Michał Smuda) Polish photographer born in 1983, living in Wodzisław Slaski. From an early age, interested in visual art.  The main subject of his photography is man. In his work he concentrates primarily on the psychological sphere. It shows how a person perceives the environment in the modern world and how the environment affects him. His visions often have a surreal character, balancing on the border of dream and imagination. His photographs are self-portraits. His photographs were presented at individual and collective exhibitions. They have been published in Polish and foreign magazines, the most important of which are: Pokochajfotografie, Kwartalnik literacki Szafa, Seventres, Dodho, Scopio Network, DpiMag, Visionary, F-stop, Monovisions,Black, LoosenArt.  In 2017 he was selected as one of the twenty most talented emerging Polish photographers. According to the project Debuts and doc! magazine. [Official Website]




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