Street photography by Thomas Leuthard

My name is Thomas Leuthard, I am a Swiss based street photographer who travels to the big cities of the World to follow my passion. For me street photography is a kind of lifestyle. It’s all about the interest in humanity of the average person on the street. It’s the reality how it presented to us every day.

“I’m a documenter of the ordinary life of strangers I don’t even know and never will”

Some people my think that this is not nice, rude or against the law. But since I cannot ask people I shoot upfront, I have to point my camera towards them and press the “trigger”. This is the only way to get emotions or faces like I capture every time. Although a candid portrait is not as sustainable as a full scene which tells a story. I always try to get as much of a story into a photograph, but this is not always possible. Sometimes a good street photograph is only about lines and patterns, not necessary about a person telling a story or some everyday action happening on the street. But this diversity makes the whole gerne versatile and challenging. When you go out you never know with how many photos you will come home. There are days when you are mentally fit and ready for the street when you see a lot of things and there are days you are completely blind. It’s all about the eye and not about gear at all.

“The street has many faces and situations, you only have to recognize them.”

In the end this is where most of the aspiring street photographers are failing. They don’t see above the average level and shoot boring things. It took myself also many years to keep my work interesting and to get forward to develop my own style. In the future I will try to do more of conceptual work and long term projects. At the end of the day a portfolio should not consist of single shots only. My motivation and creativity will remain over time to get new ideas caught on the streets and work with strangers as my models in the biggest open air studio available… [Official Website]

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