Stefano Coltelli Photography

Stefano Coltelli Photography

Born in 1978, I always had a passion for photography, since I received my first film camera as gift. When I met my girlfriend, who is also interested in photography, I started taking pictures with a compact camera, but I realized that was not enough for what I wanted to photograph.

Some time later I bought my first digital reflex that has opened a new world. Initially my photos only interested in landscapes, but with time I discovered the wonderful world of macro photography, so I bought my first macro lens but the shots taken did not give me satisfaction, if not when, following the advice of a colleague, I found my technique.

At dawn, when the insects expect the rays of the sun to evaporate the dew from the wings, there is a small world where can I give vent to my creativity in photographing these small animals without disturbing them in their world.

Stefano Coltelli Photography

Stefano-Coltelli_Landscape-9 Stefano-Coltelli_Landscape-11 Stefano-Coltelli_Landscape-10 Stefano-Coltelli_Landscape-8 Stefano-Coltelli_Landscape-6 Stefano-Coltelli_Landscape-5 Stefano-Coltelli_Landscape-3 Stefano-Coltelli_Landscape-2 Stefano-Coltelli_Landscape-1

The world of macro fascinated me so much that I have always tried to improve myself trying to capture a world invisible to the human eye, made of butterflies, spiders, strange insects and water droplets.

But also photos of landscapes are my passion, which leads me to travel around the world to photograph the most beautiful places that the universe has to offer.

A few years later I changed again reflex, when I realized that my old camera had become limiting for me and my goals: I’ve been at the final in some international competitions and one of my photos was published on Best Of The Best Photography 2013 book. In 2013 I won the fourth prize at the “target agriculture” promoted by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture.

I do not consider myself a professional photographer, I would say self-taught, but this passion takes me so much that I always try to improve myself. Photography for me is a way to express myself and to show at the world what is often hidden by the everyday routine. I am satisfied with my work and I’m happy to share them with you. [Official Website]

Stefano-Coltelli_Macro-9 Stefano-Coltelli_Macro-8 Stefano-Coltelli_Macro-7 Stefano-Coltelli_Macro-6 Stefano-Coltelli_Macro-5 Stefano-Coltelli_Macro-4 Stefano-Coltelli_Macro-3 Stefano-Coltelli_Macro-2 Stefano-Coltelli_Macro-1



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