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Ania Lilith, or Stefania Sammarro is a 26-year old photographer and journalist based in Calabria, Italy. Her photography has been featured in Vogue Italia and ART+COMMERCE.

Sammarro’s photographs of young women in empty rooms and wooded, pastoral settings are both haunting and emotionally resonant. Her aesthetic is informed by a love of silent cinema and nature.


I am inspired by my memories, by the nature and by the atmospheres created from music and film that I have heard and seen in my life.


The protagonists of my photographs are mostly female figures, sometimes they seem only visions, lost souls, represented in indoor locations or lost gardens: the soul is the only protagonist of my shots, in which Ania, as a director, is present. I love contrasts, I live in black and white, light and shadow. My life is full of color and darkness. Every time I see a subject I recreate it in my imagination. “Silence” is a shot created by chance. I was in the woods near my home, sun was setting and everything was dark. I tried to create an escape route, defined by light.My photo are taken especially in my country, Calabria. I have travelled a lot but only in this place I could realize what I really wanted. I feel so much my belonging with the territory, its villages, its people. [Official Website]

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