Sociocritical Art by Achim Koerfer


Colors of exquisite vibrancy captivate the eye. The commonplace is presented in a surprising new light in striking compositions both complex yet lucidly transparent.

It was already as a child that Achim Koerfer (born in 1969) was fascinated by the boundless possibilities of Photography. At the early age of 8, he began acquiring various photographic techniques in the course of playful experimentation. In succeeding years, he developed a self-taught method involving in situ multiple exposures on film which became the salient feature of his work. The fine art photographer trained his memory to grasp the motifs he superimposes, one upon the other on film, down to the last detail. What appear to be chance compositions at first glance, reveal themselves to be complex images specifically designed to appeal to the beholder on manifold levels, manifesting compelling consistency and expressive power. With a discreet degree of subsequent digital processing, Koerfer lifts the barriers between Photography and Painting to draw the beholder into his world. [Official Website]

VIRAL CONTROL 02 - Achim Koerfer

VIRAL CONTROL 19 - Achim Koerfer SYNTHESIZED FASHION 13 - Achim Koerfer SYNTHESIZED FASHION 03 - Achim Koerfer SIMULATED IDENTITY 04 - Achim Koerfer NARCOTIC SALE 09 - Achim Koerfer NARCOTIC SALE 01 - Achim Koerfer FLORAL IMPACT 05 - Achim Koerfer FLORAL IMPACT 04 - Achim Koerfer DICTATORIAL TIME 03 - Achim Koerfer

DICTATORIAL TIME 15 - Achim Koerfer


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