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Dodho Magazine has become one of the most influential online magazines for contemporany photography present day.

We are committed to discovering and promoting the best photographers around the world. We live, breathe and move by the passion that awakes photography in all their ambits. Our print edition is highly respected among galleries and photography agencies all over the world. Many published photographers have experienced a great increase of interest by their work and have received interesting offers of agencies and galleries.


Todd Antony | Cover | Climbing Cholitas | Born in New Zealand, based in London and shooting worldwide, Todd Antony is a multi-award winning photographer whose diverse skill set leads to some equally diverse commissions and personal projects. He has been working as a photographer for 16 years and is represented in the UK, U.S. France and Australia. His work has featured in numerous awards, including the AOP Awards, Communication Arts Photo Annual, Creative Review Photo Awards, American Photography Awards, and has been included multiple times in Lurzerʼs Archive ‘200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwideʼ. His work has been exhibited in London, the USA and France, and his commercial clients include amongst others, Samsung, Sony, Shell, Audi and the BBC.

Ana Maria Robles | White Nile | Thanks to my Mallorcan mother coming to Argentina being very young, I was born here in Buenos Aires, and I have grown up between the countryside and the city. I am a Veterinary Doctor (I love nature in all its forms) and a social psychologist. I am currently practising veterinary medicine, producing medicines for animals and social psychology has helped me to connect with my patients´ owners and with the world. In 2000, I began to study photography, passionate and focused on anthropology and nature. I have had the opportunity to travel a lot across my country and through the world. (America, Africa, Asia, Oceania and a little bit through Europe) I consider myself a travelling photographer in search of cultures still preserving their traditions, feel pride and have been little modified by our western forms. 

Efrat Sela| A day at the beach | I born and live in Israel, I am a designer and photographer I experimented with art from an early age and the camera was one of the tools of expression I employed. While I studied design at the academy, the camera accompanied me in my search for ideas. In recent years, I have focused on people, social issues and cultures, largely because of my own personal growth. I naturally combine my aesthetic sense and my interest in people in my photographs. Today photography is a need, it come out from curiosity and an urge to dive deeper into what is happening around me, to touch the truth of life. Exit my comfort zone. To deal with difficult issues that strike me emotionally. I am part of a very political society, a melting pot of cultures, religions and opinions. I choose my documentary projects from an emotional place, from criticism, issues that I can’t stay Indifferent, in the other hand I like to flow with what happens on the street.

Leila Forés | Between Backstage | Leila Forés was born in Benicarló, on the Spain east coast in 1972. A school workshop made her discover the magic of the darkroom and made her decide pursuing Higher Studies on Image and Photography in Valencia. After her studies, she fails to live on photography, and that produces a rejection towards it lasting 15 years, in which she is dedicated to the fashion trade. Now, she continues combining both activities. In 2012 she ignores digital photography, and her curiosity leads her to retake it, training online and self-teaching. It is there when she discovers a new expression line and develops a personal style with some intimate and reflective themes, working them in digital and giving them form so that they are visually confused with the film. Her higher volume work she develops it through her image to express feelings surrounding her day-to-day. The diagnosis of her father’s illness was a turning point, and photography helped her take refuge in a parallel and creative world to free her fears and anguishes.

Zhou Yulong | The departed | When my grandfather passed away that year, I stood beside him. The weeping people had gone, and there were only the two of us. He lay there as if he were asleep, and I stood in a trance in a dream. I was very confused, and I wondered why he was lying down and I was standing up. I thought of many religious paintings, east or west, that tell an inconclusive story almost historically. The living and the dead constitute vertical and horizontal opposition, full of game and symbiotic beauty. The birth of photography brought the story of death closer and more believable, and it faces death with no scruple. In the well-known historical images, the deaths of those people show very different power in their time, place and political environment. I tried to take some photos to create fake testimonies in the form of virtual history and recreate the so-called truth. 

David Godichaud | So coney! | David Godichaud was born in Fontainebleau (France) in 1973. He started a carreer of photographer ten years ago, after graduating in Science Research first and from the photojournalism program of the International Center of Photography in New York next. Based in Normandy (France), David is a freelance photographer working both with assignments, commissioned works and exhibitions in galleries. His author’s work, quite always implemented with analogue camera Hasselblad, is very much inspired by the reality of the street and also intimate places, like timeless Gentlemen’s Clubs. Attitudes of people and dress codes are very much important to him. In 2012, Polka gallery in Paris and Francoise Huguier awarded a street fashion photography prize to him.

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