Surreal places by Sébastien Grébille


Violinist by profession, it was through his career in music that Sébastien Grébille got his start in photography. Portraying the emotion, the technique and the power of great classical performers became a necessity.

Little by little, he explored other areas to find those intense, lyrical, and dramatic moods. The search for timeless and sometimes surreal places, where we find a power in nature; fairy-like, wild, but also with traces of civilisation, became a priority. To stage these unusual views, he uses a technique of long exposure: skies filled with dense clouds express themselves freely; the sea appears milky…which suggests the vision of another world. [Official Website]

bath Capitole  Epur Errance Genesis Giant Ice land Jurassic Lost Phoenix Sacré Spirit Tales The Forbidden Bridge The limit Unreal Secret Shima


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