Robert Rutöd: Fair(y) Tales

Funeral Fair - Undertakers' fashion show

An expedition through the grotesque realm of must-haves and mega-trends 

It seems as if there is a constant factor amidst the diversity of our dreams: The longing for a heavenly life, the hope for permanent feeling of happiness.

Since time immemorial, this long awaited, beautiful earthly paradise has been distant. But, in reality, are all the places equally distant from paradise? Are some places not closer? Maybe even enticingly close?

To explore these questions, the photographer Robert Rutöd went into the burlesque realm of trade fairs and exhibition areas. An almost ten-year expedition through materialized world of dreams is now visually retold in Fair(y) Tales.

“I feel just like Alice in Wonderland as I walk from the taster massage to a certified sleep consultant, from the undertakers‘ fashion show to the wine tasting, from the Garden of Earthly Delights to the Jacob‘s Ladders in the garden festival. In the turmoil between the horns of award-winning cattle champions, waiting their turn for the photo shoot of the breeding catalog, it can sometimes get a little queasy. But as the saying goes: They all lived happily until their deaths.” [Official Website]

Agricultural Fair – Photo shooting of the breeding catalog
Agricultural Fair
Dental Fair
Beauty Fair
House & Garden Fair
Caravan & Camping Fair
Interior Design Fair

Modelling Fair
Automobile Fair
Baby Fair
Anime & Cosplay Fair
Erotic Fair
Monitoring Fair – Self-portrait via thermographic camera


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