Photography of Jorge Maia

The passage to brightness
© Jorge Maia

Born in Lisbon, Portugal. I started photograph in the analog age, but it was easy to render myself to the charms of the Digital

I  like to see the world as through a children’s eye, where everything is new, beautiful, mysterious and have some king of special magic, and maybe that’s why my portfolio is so diverse.

I let myself captured by the beauty of this planet, a passion that i try to transmit through my photography, expressing my feelings and beliefs in every shot. There are scenarios and situations that we liked to perpetuate in space and time, the photography works like a round-trip ticket, each frame has the ability to enclose sensations captured on lived experiences and immortalizes them into film.
The biggest influences in my work are Ansel Adams, for his perfectionism, Henri Cartier-Bresson for the human sensibility, Robert Capa for the courage to push it to the limit and Man Ray for the abstractionism of is work. Of course that i follow and get inspired by a lot of talented photographers from fotoblur, 500px and
I often work in several projects at the same time, but the one that is having a lot of my atention and time it’s called ?Night Dreams?, where I explore the wonders of the night by the sea, away from day crowds, a real moment to relax and let ourselves be driven by the magnitude and beauty of the night sky in conjugation with the natural beach landscape.

AbandonedWhispers of eternityThe pink umbrellaShining in darknessNature's splendorMomentsFrom the hazeForgotten in timeDelicate balance



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  • Ce servir intelligemment du numérique est une chose ,si en plus on y ajoute la créativité ,c’est gagné ! Serge

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