Out by Eltaj Zeynalov


I started this project after my research about people with mental disability in my country. I have been working on this project for six years. The major reason that inspired me to start this project was attending art therapies with mentally disabled people in different hospitals.

During the time I was in touch with them I realized one thing: All they need is care. With the help of love and care they can be cured and get better.

People have stereotype against them; They are neglected by community, even their own families. As I am always next to them, I am able to feel their emotions as well as the situation they live in. I can see how the slightest care or attention is cheering them up.

There are a lot of people that put pressure on me and call it unethical to show and publish something about them. But I want everyone to be aware of their situation. I would like to meet and spend time with the people who have similar illness to investigate and learn more about them. Not only in my country, but also in all over the world. [Official Website]





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