Moto Bali by Florian Ritter


I have experienced Bali as a place like many other south east asian places: warm hearted people, yet dealing with financial and social status issues.

However, like most outsider travellers who visits the island close to Indonesia seem to enjoy to be at these kind of places, because it remains a mystery to us, how someone can enjoy life so much more, having so much less than we do.

The question is if they do really have so much less than we travellers do? An obvious case; their houses are smaller and their country’s facilities less developed, therefore they have less. Seeing this from a pure western status point of you, this comparison approach takes the wrong angle. Their culture remain in tact, functional, steady and deep, to be experienced and felt with every single Balinese we will encounter.

For the Europeans or the North Americans, being the by far most frequent travellers seem to be amazed, astonished and fascinated by the simple life style, paired with an ongoing healthy approach to life.

Most of the travellers though unfortunately do not build a stronger and deeper connection to the locals, understanding what their needs and hopes are. In my short time in Bali, I have approached what most Balinese seem to have in common. Not necessarily their kindness or warm approach towards the outsider, but more obvious two wheels. Beyond those two wheels, the people of Bali are as diverse and individual than in other places in the world. Eventually I am no different and have come across the same experiences many other travellers have got: Sweet and loving people, who do not fear to face new situations. [Official Website]

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