Moises Levy – Minimalistic compositions

My photography seeks to awaken sensations al link with the viewer’s interior, aims to create concerns about hope, dreams and aspirations, and it also tries to create a sensation of calm and welfare in an interior world that everyone creates according to its experiences and prior visions.

Aesthetically I create minimalistic compositions where with the less elements possible and a surrounding atmosphere, an image is produced that awakens curiosity about what is going to happen after that scene.

My job as an architect has allowed me to explore concepts such as space, light, and texture from a tridimensional perspective and express it in two dimensions, and at the same time to understand how the mind processes the representation of space and light. My mind works visually, and through the images, I can understand and express myself, this has allowed me absorb and learn from other artists, and also identify what I pretend to express and how to achieve it. The photographers that have helped me to form a visual vantage point are mainly Mickael Kena, Sebastian Salgao and Edward Stiglitz, their works are very different among them , but each one in its way have taught me an extraordinary visual richness.

On the technical side, unlike the rest of the photographers I did not receive an old camera from my grandfather’s closet, I bought my first camera while I was walking in New York, at the beginning of my architecture studies, because I was fascinated with the lights and perspectives of the city and I felt the need of capturing such spaces, through time I have become, as many photographers, in a collector of cameras and lenses. I have gone through almost all the cameras, but what I enjoy most is using my Hasselblad. Time ago, I used to use photographic film and nowadays I am acquiring a digital backup so I can keep on using it, and I am also adding to my collection a “Alpa” technical camera which will allow me to have a better control on my compositions. It seems to me that changing to a sturdier camera, taking a picture becomes an event and you don’t press the shutter so lightly. It happens to me very often that when I use my Canon 5D Mark III I take a lot of pictures, but the percentage of worthy images is lower than when I use the Hasselblad.  I analyze and think about the scene more carefully, as if I was painting on canvas.

I deem that photography due the digital revolution has lost the worth of on art object, and has become a merely exchange of pixels. For me, is very important the physical object that photography brings to us, and that’s the reason why I entered in the field of Platinum Palladium printing, and afterwards in photogravure, I enjoy my pieces as an art object. I don’t only work on intimate format, I am currently printing on large format, taking advantage of the panoramic photography that I am developing. [Official Website]

I think that as photographers, we have to be grateful for the opportunity that this media brings, that allows us to deeply know this wonderful planet where we live.

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