ConceptEuropeLeaves by Michal Konrad

Being dominated by two uneven forces. Constant gravity and an uncontrollable moment of lightness. The unbearable force of gravity deprives the body of lightness.
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Being dominated by two uneven forces. Constant gravity and an uncontrollable moment of lightness.

The unbearable force of gravity deprives the body of lightness. The body opposes the force of gravity, tearing away the moments of lightness. From strength to fragility. From freshness to dryness. I stick and let go. I fall or fly. The leaves are my next cycle in which I compare myself to nature. This time they are leaves in which I see many analogies in relation to human life.

The tree is like a mother, and the leaves are like her children

Michał Konrad (born Michał Smuda), born in 1983 in Poland. Teacher by profession. Currently residing in Wodzisław Śląski. From an early age interested in visual arts, self-taught. He transmits his vision with a camera. His photographs balance on the edge of dream and reality, often taking on a surreal character. Since 2016, he has been making self-portraits, which constitute his emotional attitude to the surrounding world. In his photography Michał Konrad is looking for and discovering new methods of transmitting the visual image. In principle, his photographs are to exert a strong influence on the imagination. In 2017 he was selected in the debut project. The most talented Polish emerging photographers (according to the Debuts and Doc magazine). His photographs have been awarded at numerous prestigious competitions. He has exhibited collective and individual exhibitions, as well as numerous publications in Polish and foreign photographic magazines. [Official Website]

I break away from the tree

The sun warms my skin. Light causes growth, and darkness causes me to fall

I’m holding on tight, I’m holding to the end

I am covering myself from the wind, shading me from shame

I’m in the background

I’m conforming to a tree

I see the house, although there are no leaves in it yet

I feel the spring in the distance

I’m wet from the rain to grow through the fog


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