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This is my second project for Dodho magazine. Last one was presented in June 2015. Some changes have happened meanwhile. I started photo shcool and got new camera and lenses. That means better pictures I hope Althrough i still believe that photo doesn´t have to be technically perfect it just has to be GOOD.

The reason why this project was born was practical. Of course i love creating art and taking pictures. But i also thought about how to make money with photography. I have an university degree as interior designer- this inspired me to combine interior design and photography by making erotic-fashion photos that could be suitable for big prints in interiors. I´m just starting out the idea and testing it with some local companies by sending them my work.

This specific set was a result of my own ideas and some lightning tutorials we got from school. Basically we talked how to put model into light-box, to surround her with lights. And thats exactly what i did. The fact that i used the same model as last time was not planned. Things just happened this way. But the model Kati did great work again and i´m quite happy with the result. Also i want to to thank my assistant Karl-Henrich Rohtaas and designer Eret Kuusk for helping me with the set.

Dodho magazine is amazing and i wanted to keep sharing my work with them. Also i encourage all readers to get in contact with me either through my website www.katrinviil.com or through instagram: viilkatrin. I would love to get some feedback about my work-either good or bad or just suggestions about interior prints or business ideas. My mailbox katrin.viil@outlook.com is open to everyone. That way i can make more interesting ideas come alive in future. [Official Website]


KatrinViil.EroticFashion.Estonia2 KatrinViil.EroticFashion.Estonia3 KatrinViil.EroticFashion.Estonia4 KatrinViil.EroticFashion.Estonia6 KatrinViil.EroticFashion.Estonia8 KatrinViil.EroticFashion.Estonia9





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