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The project "Horizon in Color" is composed of Anna's favorite shots, because they evoke her emotions and memories. The photos are all in color to show the places exactly as they are in reality.
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The project “Horizon in Color” is composed of Anna’s favorite shots, because they evoke her emotions and memories. The photos are all in color to show the places exactly as they are in reality.

The images that immortalize the mountains Dolomites, represent the beginning of her photographic journey because the mountain is one of her favorite destinations to spend summer and winter holidays and are the places where she has experimented and developed her photographic art. Another key point of her photos is the “Desert” which represents true calm and infinity. This kind of image can arouse different emotions as the fear of the unknown or lead to an imaginary journey that each of us writes in his own mind, fantasizing about what is possible to find on the other side of the horizon. Subsequently, photos of the animals and people that populate the uncontaminated nature emerge. Anna’s journey takes us, through her project, to explore different realities. It starts from the Italian Alps, overlooks neighboring France with the Camargue’s flamingos, finally arrives in Africa, passing through Morocco, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia and South Africa.

About Anna Pietroboni

Born in 1991, she lives in Rome. From Russian mother and Italian father. Graduated in Human Nutrition Sciences, she works as a nutritionist. She is a self-made photographer who learnt this art from her family, especially from her grandfather Gianni. Her city offers countless photographic opportunities, taking the viewer on a journey through time to ancient Rome, rich in architecture, classical art and religion. She started experimenting with photography right in the places of her city, but also in the places of her holidays. Anna has always been passionate about adventure and travel, a passion initially acquired by reading. Growing up she began to embark on her adventures traveling the world with her large family and always accompanied by her inseparable camera, exploring from Alaska to Africa, up to the most remote and wild places such as the Marquesas Islands. Since 2008 she has developed a strong interest in the African continent, preferring photography its uncontaminated nature and the different cultures which populate it. The purpose of her photos is to represent the peace and serenity that these magical places inspire. Her work as a nutritionist leads her to search for constant physical and mental well-being and she has found the latter right in the places she represents in her photos. For several years she took part to photo competitions to share her point of view and in the 2019 one of her photos was published in Digital Photographer Magazine. [Official Website]

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