Girlhood by Guadalupe Acevedo

Untitled I by Guadalupe Acevedo

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been in some kind of battle with my self-image. I’ve always struggled with the way I perceived myself vs. the way others perceived me.

As I grew up, I befriended myself and I started to feel more and more comfortable in my own skin, yet I still felt like it was hard for me to form a proper representation of who I was. Not a representation for others, but a representation for myself.
In this series, I try to deconstruct my personal daily life and how I can find myself in these small habits that I feel that not only represent me as a person, but also represent my view on my own feminity and that still connect me to all the different stages I’ve been through so far in my life. It’s not only my perception of me and my life. It’s also my perception of my body. I believe that the most important representation that can exist is the one that we have of ourselves, and for a long time this is something that I was in conflict with. This conflict is endless. We’re in a constant crisis and mutation, but the relationship we have with our own body and our habits is essential.

Untitled II by Guadalupe Acevedo

About Guadalupe Acevedo

Guadalupe Acevedo is a self-taught photographer born and raised in north-east Argentina in 1993. Started to get interested in photography and taking her first pictures when she was thirteen years old and she haven’t stopped ever since. During her teenage years, she learned several foreign languages such as English, French, German and Japanese.

From 2012 to 2015, Guadalupe exhibited numerous series and projects at different cities in Argentina such as Posadas, Mendoza and Buenos Aires being the most important one as she was selected to be part of a collective exhibition for the 25th Anniversary of The Festival of Light. Her works have also been featured in different online magazines and sites such as Dodho Magazine (Spain) and #Photography (UK) and The Merienda Club (Argentina). She is part of the staff at SCHEME Zine, an US based online zine dedicated to pop culture while she develops her work as an art director in the film field as well. [Official Website]

She’s currently based in Buenos Aires, as she finishes her degree in Film Studies.

Untitled III by Guadalupe Acevedo

Untitled IV by Guadalupe Acevedo

Untitled V by Guadalupe Acevedo Untitled VI by Guadalupe Acevedo Untitled VIII by Guadalupe Acevedo

Untitled VII by Guadalupe Acevedo



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