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My name is Zuzana Uhlíková and I am a photographer, cinematographer and a student of Architecture. I was born in 1989 in Plzen. Shoot I started six years ago. I started photographing landscapes.
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My name is Zuzana Uhlíková and I am a photographer, cinematographer and a student of Architecture. I was born in 1989 in Plzen. Shoot I started six years ago.

I started photographing landscapes. After a while I started to shoot portraits. I learned how to edit photos on the computer and create photomontages. I am self-taught.

I try to original ideas. Looking for inspiration mainly in dreams, the imagination, but also movies and books. I love sci-fi and fantasy.
In my work I still inspires staged photographs by photographs of landscapes, which I began. I like shooting in the woods and parks with a simple nature.
As a child I studied painting. I painted mainly illustrations to the books that I was reading. Many of these visions I’m trying now convert to photos.
I am creating a staged photo. As a model, I used my friends. Make the most of the resulting photographs I try to create a direct on-site during the shoot. The rest recreate the computer. Before taking pictures I always have a clear idea of how the final picture will look like. Most of my idea of the photo I draw, I could supermodel explain exactly what to do. Mostly shooting in the woods near my home and then in the castle gardens and parks.
As the props I use ordinary things that I find at my home. Sometimes I sew clothes for shooting or create them on the spot with a few pins.
Topics staged my photographs are different. Sometimes it is a fairy-tale characters such as Sleeping Beauty or Little Red Riding Hood, others are statues in the castle garden, flying red library, flight and fall.
Shooting fairytale characters was a project that I began about a year and a half. I was looking for suitable models from my friends. Storybook characters I chose them mainly by their psychic site. It is interesting that a lot of their friends, they then claimed that these figures accurately suited to them and they had them not imagine otherwise.

When shooting I notice a very light. I prefer to take pictures with soft light or when the sun is really low and its rays are really weak. I use a reflective plate and the flash softbox.

In many cases take a picture of the scene a few times and then compose it on your computer. I try to post as simple as possible, because every extra step detracts from the credibility of the photo. Mostly it’s just a combination of several photos taken together. Sometimes I am creating a new environment and give my models to computer-generated landscape.
Most of the photos I took SLR Canon EOS 1000D. Newly I own Canon EOS 5D Mark II. I do not think that for the art photography you need an expensive technique. The idea is always the most important. Professional SLR camera I bought after I decided to make a living taking pictures. Great technology is needed for photographing weddings and things like that where you cannot provide good light.
Currently, I devote a lot of portraits and how to best capture the woman. I’m shooting in Pilsen in a makeshift home studio and outdoors. I do not have a professional studio, because I do not need it. Most often I shoot portraits and family pictures in nature.
My philosophy is that there are not unphotogenic people, only bad photographers. Each person can have beautiful photo of himself. Art portrait photographer is not only a perfect mastery of technique, but they can also capture the best moments of a person to advise him how to pose and give him confidence in front of the lens. [Official Website]

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