NewsDo You Still Believe It? 4 Myths About Photography and Artists

The aim of this piece is to discuss and dispel the most common and entrenched myths and misconceptions about photography and photographers. Let's get to the point.
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The aim of this piece is to discuss and dispel the most common and entrenched myths and misconceptions about photography and photographers. Let’s get to the point.

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It’s Glamorous to Be a Photographer

Maybe you can see it in the movies, but not in real life. Most photographers don’t immediately understand the nuances of the job once they decide to turn the passion into a profession. 

For most, it’s 80% business and 20% shooting. This is true for any artist, so you have to be realistic.

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Professional Distinguished Photographer Is Better Than an Amateur

The fact that some photographers make huge money on their photos doesn’t make them better than other specialists. 

A successful professional can offer quality and consistency. But there are many amateur photographers whose work is as great as, say, the pros from Magnum show.

In fact, professional photographers risk losing their passion for their craft when work becomes routine. This can negatively affect the quality as well.

All You Need to Become Successful Is Talent

Sounds lovely, but have you ever heard the expression “starving artist”? Talent is certainly an essential component, but confident business skills are of equal importance.

Business and marketing are essential parts of a successful photographer’s job. 

The Bottom Line: You Need Hundreds of Photos in a Portfolio

Not at all. What’s really worth paying attention to is quality. As in many cases, it prevails. So just pick out the best works, arrange them properly, and show them to future clients.

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