Dark City by Arnaud Bertrande

“Dark City” is a series in black and white on the theme of the city. The work on light and shadow draws the black areas of the imagination with subtlety

The night here is éternelle..Man is a mere spectator invisible without a past, in search of its future. The work on the black strengthens the dark and mysterious side of the city. One can easily imagine in this series that we are in the night while the photos were taken during the day. The technique of long exposure sometimes leads a stream of light making us lose track marks in time and space. The atmosphere is heavy and oppressive. “Dark City” takes us into the night and shows us a different side of the city …

I let the audience be the one to interpret what he sees and what he feels

About Arnaud Bertrande

First, I am a self-taught man, someone curious, attentive, alert and learning by tracing his own road. When I discovered a domain or technique I dive in completely until I understand. I love to learn, but in my own way, by studying and reproducing. I prefer practice to theory. The passion for photography came to me later, around 2007, at the age of 36 years. I knew I had something to say but I could not find by which medium. And one day, I had a click. Digital photography is a means of expression rapidly accessible. I like the immediate side of the digital photo. I speak little but I realized that I could speak in images. I felt in smells, sensations and emotions, my eye perceives that and can seize it. I try to to push away the limits of imagination, to stage my dreams and emotions. This is also the beauty of digital technology : to enrich the expressive possibilities of the photo, to open horizons of creation. [Official Website]

 Arnaud Bertrande

A bridge over the dark Arnaud Bertrande The guards of the night Arnaud Bertrande Renversant-2 Arnaud Bertrande Power Arnaud Bertrande Light rail Arnaud Bertrande Light in your windows Arnaud Bertrande Light in a night Le triangle Le passage Dream Catcher Water mirror Vision future Tower Iberdrola-2 Tower Iberdrola-1 The square-1 BNF Black Light Between the city



Untold by Julien De Wilde

Diving deeply within oneself to get rid of the limits formed by...

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