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Master of Arts in Visual Arts graduate from the Faculty of Multimedia Communications & Photography at the University of Arts, Poznan (Academy of Fine Arts). Borys Makary learned fashion photography at the International Center of Photography  in New York and personally through Miles Aldridge.

He has assisted and collaborated with established New York City fashion photographer Richard Warren.
He has lead workshops in the Academy of Photography in Warsaw and Krakow.
He has run photography workshops at Photomonth in Krakow (2011) and Foto Art Festival in Bielsko-Biala (2011).
He has worked for some of the top agencies – including IMG MODELS in New York.
He has created and photographed commercial fashion and executed many concepts for personal portfolio development.

After graduation on Academy of Fine Arts he changes its way of looking on photography. Continuing the adventure of fashion photography, walking in the direction of conceptual photography, creative areas, commenter reality. Through its projects raises interest in human nature, especially women. He wants to capture and define femininity. Looking for interesting and intriguing imaging methods, trying to approach in an innovative way, not only to photography as a medium, but also presented their topics.[Official Website]

Carpe Diem

Carpe diem is a series of seven triptychs, depicting a week in the life of a man. Every day he meets a new woman. The project is an attempt to expose a specific relationship between a man and woman. The author gives no hints or makes suggestions, leaving the viewer to interpret the images in their own way. The piece brings into light the character’s personality, which adds depth to these seemingly superficial relationships.


They Where

They Were project in its form comes down to a Man-Ray like imaging of reality with negatives on which the author hand-painted signs and figures, symbolizing the nature of the person shown in the picture. The starting point was numerology, hidden symbols, that, avoiding literality, were to tell something about the person.

They Were – 15 photographs, each of which tells
a story about a different woman. These graphic images, hand-painted by their author, attract and intrigue the viewer, making them analyse the complex ‘patterns’ of personalities. Borys Makary does not tell the viewers everything, letting them read and interpret his works freely and independently.

The project was presented at the Nue 1. exhibition by the Parisian NUE gallery. It has won first place in the Fine Art – Nude category at the Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3) contest.

they_were_1 they_were_4 they_were_3 they_were_2 they_were_6 they_were_5

No light

Darknes, no light… What are you afraid of? What do you hide? What are you ashamed of?

no_light_9 no_light_2 no_light_1 no_light_8 no_light_7 no_light_6 no_light_5 no_light_4 no_light_3


Honorable Mention – 2012 International Photography Awards (IPA) competition | Category: Fine Art – Landscape (Professional)







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