Black & White Photographs – Simone Zeffiro


The Italian artistic photographer, Simone Zeffiro, has selected a series of black and white photographs from his recent archive to show our readers how powerful and poetic a monochromatic image can be.

After years of experience Simone has found that a black & white photograph can offer more than a colour image. Light, shadow, contrast and depth of field, he declares, are something special if well combined.

The Italian artist uses a variety of methods to showcase and interpret black and white photography working with different subject matter and ensuring each image has it’s own unique feel. In 2010 Simone received a FIAF Accreditation at the Biennal Internacional de Fotografia in Spain. In 2012 he received two Honourable Mentions at the IPA – International Photography Award 2012: Honourable Mention in Architecture Interior Category / Honourable Mention in Fine Art Landscape Category

Later the same year he received three Honourable Mentions at the IPA ONE SHOT 2012: Honourable Mention ONE SHOT – “The Space Inside” – PRO Category / Honourable Mention ONE SHOT – “The Space Outside” – PRO Category / Honourable Mention ONE SHOT – “The Space Between” – PRO Category In September 2013 Simone received two Honourable Mentions at the IPA – International Photography Award 2013: Honourable Mention in Architecture Industrial Category / Honourable Mention in Fine Art Landscape Category

In November 2013 Hasselbad selected him as Best Photographer Of The Month. Simone Zeffiro is Lead Photographer and part of the main Editorial Team for the international publication, Luxurious Magazine. Parallel to this, he is also collaborating on new and exciting artistic projects across Europe and The United States in his quest to merge Photography and Art. Catherine Thomas, UK-based painter and visual artist, said: “Simone Zeffiro selects his subject and injects love through space, light and composition. He consciously communicates a sense of time and moment captured and creates an alluring and breathtakingly beautiful image that remains with you”. [Official Website]

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