Black & white of Francesco Merlini

For me this has been the most appropriate way to turn his aesthetic vision and interpretation of reality into complete and usable works.

Alongside covering Italian news (with publications on L’Espresso, Internazionale, Gioia, Anna, Rolling Stone, D La Repubblica, Le Monde,Tageszeitung) I’ve carried on personal photographic projects, mainly about intimacy and personal interpretation of reality, often permeated by dark suggestions.

After a start in fashion photography, I have begun a collaboration with the photojournalism agency Prospekt and the website of independent journalism

On 2012 I’ve joined the international PROSPEKT agency. On March 2012, I has won the MONO talent call for new black&white photographers and I will be published on MONO vol. one alongside renowned photographers such as Roger Ballen, Daido Moryiama, Anders Petersen and Trent Parke. After this result, I have been featured on TIME Lightbox among the new best black&white photographers.

For me, taking pictures has always been a way to collect visual notes about reality and particularly about my perception of that. Reality and photographer’s emotional and visual fund mould together in order to create a personal interpretation, according to my belief that photography’s capacity lies in its evocative power more than its narrative factor.
My works have focused on different aspects and stories but I’ve always accomplished them as diaries imbued with a fascination that has made me focus mainly on the themes of death, sexuality and formal and moral decay in our society.

As Dorothea Lange has always said, the camera is only an instrument to suggest people how to look at reality without the camera; I’ve often focused my work on elements that everyone has in front of his eyes everyday, trying to break people’s blindness to reality’s wonder, aesthetic madness and emotional fascination that instead swells and shrinks inside me everyday.

I’m inspired more from single pictures rather than photographers. Anyway if have to tell some names, I say: Anders Petersen, Daido Moriyama, Jacob Aue Sobol and Michael Ackerman.
It’s much more inspirational to me seeing how great photographers work and how they manage the entire process of creation: this has happened with the photographers from my agency Prospekt and others ones like Bruce Gilden and Paolo Pellegrin.

About my current projects, I’m trying to finish a work about the body’s mortification in front of death. After this one, I’d like very much to continue my investigation of reality far from already known places, far from realities that I’ve already embraced. But It’s hard to tell something more about my future pictures; To know ahead of time what you’re looking for means you’re then only photographing your own preconceptions, which is very limiting. [Official Website]

About my inspiration, everyday I see dozens of good pictures that leave something in my mind to think about.





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