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During the industrial expansion of Korea in the 1970s and 80s, working and housing conditions gave rise to new linguistic developments among the workers.
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Author: Nils Clauss| Duration: 6:21min

During the industrial expansion of Korea in the 1970s and 80s, working and housing conditions gave rise to new linguistic developments among the workers.

About Nils Clauss

Nils Clauss is a Cinematographer and Photographer by trade currently based in Seoul, South Korea. He has shot, directed and edited a number of award-winning music videos, short, feature and documentary films, which have been screened at various international festivals or went viral online.

Clauss approaches filmmaking and photography with style and a clear point of view. He works with precision and expertise, which has earned him the respect and admiration of clients and colleagues around the world. His roster of clients is as diverse as it is impressive. Clauss’ commercial work includes shooting, directing and editing for high-profile national and international clients such as ARTE, Burberry, Cheil, Do Ho Suh, Goethe-Institut, Google, GS Caltex, Hyundai, Innocean, !K7 Records, MIT, MTV K, The Munich Chamber Orchestra, Nike, The Official Korean Tourism Organization, Platoon, Samsung, The Swedish Trade & Invest Council, Tamschick Media + Space, Vice, Western Union, Yonsei University and ZDF among others.

After studying in Germany, Australia and Hong Kong, Clauss honed his technical skills and fierce work ethic by completing his MFA in Cinematography at the Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia and Film at Chungang University in Seoul. Born and raised in Germany, Clauss has been living in South Korea since the end of 2005. This gave him a unique world perspective and has liberated his views from bias and prejudice. Nils is steadfast in his quest to experience the authenticity of all walks of life and to work within challenging and diverse environments.

Clauss’ most recognisable work lies in his creation of the iconic narrative and visual style for various international music videos, mostly realised in collaboration with Irish filmmaker Neil Dowling. Among music videos for M83, Sigur Rós, Storm Queen, Schmidt, Wolf+Lamb vs. Soul Clap, the Senior Living music video for Norwegian Band Röyksopp has been Dowling’s and Clauss’ most successful collaboration to date. The video has been screened in the acclaimed Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase at Cannes Lions Awards 2011 and also entered the UK Music Video Awards the same year.

Nils originally began collaborating with Neil in 2008 when they initiated a mutual production company called CONTENTED. CONTENTED‘s first big release has been Dowling’s feature film Finding Joy (2011), which Clauss shot as a cinematographer. The film entered various international film festivals and won Best Feature Film at the Liverpool Lift Off in 2013.

Clauss’ career as a photographer is noted for capturing compelling images, with an emphasis on urban space and architecture as the main theme. His latest photography projects include Urban Nature, Power from the People and Zugzwang. Urban Nature won the acclaimed European Architectural Photography Prize in 2011. The series explores the influences Korea‘s rapid urbanization has had on the destruction of natural landscapes.

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