Bernhard Lang specializes in Aerial Photography.

Bernhard Lang

Bernhard Lang – Since 2010 he is working on his project Aerial Views, photographing numerous sceneries from above like container harbors, beach resorts, coal mines, soccer fields, …. For him the aerial view shows the world out of a different, unusual and revealing perspective. He wants to display the impact of the human beings on the environment .

His  aerial views project received awards (ipa 2014, nd_awards london 2014, one eyeland 2013,  …) and was featured on numerous magazines, newspapers, creative blogs, … .

Bernhard Lang

Bernhard Lang has created a formidable body of work by looking down on society. The Munich-based photographer’s aerial images, taken from 490 to 4920 feet in the air, capture the unexpected geometry and patterns of everyday life. Whether he’s shooting Mediterranean beaches or suburban parking lots, the results are both dazzling and dizzying. Lang takes his aerial photos while suspended from small planes and helicopters. For Lang, the primary challenge with shooting from the air is focusing on the camera while in constant motion. Though he’s grown accustomed to this over time- He estimates that he’s done 10 to 15 aerial shoots over the last four years-Lang, who has been working as a photographer since 1993, first started taking aerial photos four years ago. Before that, he specialized in commercial photography, typically for sports teams and a news wire service.His foray into aerial photography was inspired by the vistas outside his window on passenger flights. He remembers being particularly captivated by snowy landscapes during a flight from Tokyo to Munich that took him over Siberia, and the vast deserts he saw on a flight to South Africa. “It was very impressive to see these structures from 10,000 meters above … the landscapes, the huge rivers. I was always interested in seeing the patterns … These all looked like paintings to me.”Ultimately, Lang hopes that his images will make people question their current way of seeing the world. “(In my photos) you see things that are different and sometimes revealing, because you don’t usually see it from this (uncommon) perspective.” [Official website]

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