Architectural Photography of Dr. Akira Takaue


Dr. Akira TAKAUE is an International Award-Winning Photographer. Fortunately experiencing precious opportunities to visit various places around the world for business trip, in which actively would like to pursuit taking impressive worldwide scenery and modern architectures filled with emotional colors or black and white with delicate contrast and vibrant composition.

My goal is rooted in both the logic of structural mechanics and material engineering as well as the finer artistic elements that make a building and its photograph successful. Especially being interested in conceptual architectural photography insistent on analytical composition and delicate contrast of structural materials. [Official Website]

DSC_6021edit4moonrev4nobird DSC_7673rev46 DSC_7517rev14 DSC_7485_edited-7 DSC_6877edit11 DSC_6802rev16 DSC_6687edited6 DSC_6663edited8 DSC_4505rev5conceptrev DSC_4511new_edited-6 DSC_4877edited2 DSC_4879edited2 DSC_4898rev3 DSC_5707rev4 DSC_5787rev22 DSC_6076rev17 DSC_6187_edited-55 DSC_2919edit66 DSC_2154revwb DSC_2077rev10 DSC_2024rev10 DSC_1043-1rev8 DSC_0994rev8 DSC_0272edited5


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