Issue #01 Print Edition


Printed on 80# matte paper | 22x28cm| 92 Pages

Stefanie Minzenmay | Cover | She was born in 1970 and lives in Neuss and Oldenburg, Germany. Yuri Benitez | Nude Photography | Women have always captivated me by not one, but for many circumstances. Francesco Ridolfi | Room 322 | A space and time where you can relax thinking, reflecting and maybe let emerge emotions deepen buried in our hearts. Gili Yaari | Purim in Jerusalem | Ultra-Orthodox Jews celebrate the Purim holiday in Mea Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem. Bob Avakian | Night Photography | Trained in architecture, engineering and building, for years he has worked in the construction field as a custom homebuilder.  Thom Pierce | The price of gold | This was a piece of advocacy, to put a human face to the often stark and detached courtroom proceedings.


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