Histoire d’Ô by Arnaud Bertrande

 Arnaud Bertrande

Arnaud Bertrande – I recently started a job “Histoire d’Ô”, which presents a series of long exposures taken around the theme of water.
Discovering the long exposure, I found the opportunity to work abstraction, loss of marks.

A part of me can express itself through this technique, everything which concerned in escape, purity, dream trip. This work on white, on white light represents for me an opening on the poetry, a passage to somewhere else exotic, softer, smoother, more peaceful. I’m not interested in long exposures classical landscapes, I prefer to look for this detachment from reality, this fall into another dimension, this mix between a water landscape, an inner intimate landscape and imagination landscape . [Official Website]

 Arnaud Bertrande

 Arnaud Bertrande  Arnaud Bertrande  Arnaud Bertrande fgh fgd fdg Lost I Le squelette du serpent Le ponton de l inconnu Le Grand Saut La cage Zen-Finale The choice Rolling Rails Point d'attache Piece Of Line Lost VII Lost VI



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