Zodiac by Antonio Peinado

Pisces | Zodiac | Antonio Peinado

This portfolio is a journey through the Zodiac signs, using the female body as a canvas to reflect upon the duality of human nature. 

Zodiac is a series of works, which were inspired by the myths and gods of the ancient Sumerian civilization which, thanks to the ancient Greeks, are known today as the Zodiac. Although it is subject to various interpretations, Antonio is using it to reflect upon the contradictory nature of human beings.

Antonio is fascinated by the contradictions that define us as people. He focuses on this in an almost primitive way, representing human needs, fears, passions and desires. He shows the love and desire needed to perpetuate the species, symbolized by the female body.

The images speak of war and of the hunt, but also the duality that exists deep within, which allows us to commit the most selfless or vile acts: good and bad (light and darkness), life and death (mortality and immortality).

It also gives us a glimpse into those aspects that are so intimately connected to us that any attempt at eliminating them would result in the destruction of the human race as we know it. To capture the audience’s attention, Antonio Peinado presents his images in a provocative way, interpreting the figures of the zodiac through the nude form -–almost all of them frontal shots.

In an attempt to eliminate all sexual connotation from the images he has sought subtle inspiration in the beauty of classical Greek sculptures, carefully choosing the lighting, pose and framing to delicately highlight the female form until it looks like polished marble. [Official Website]

Sagittarius | Zodiac | Antonio Peinado
Sagittarius | Antonio Peinado
Capricorn | Zodiac | Antonio Peinado
Capricorn | Antonio Peinado
Scorpio | Zodiac | Antonio Peinado
Scorpio | Antonio Peinado
Libra | Zodiac | Antonio Peinado
Libra | Antonio Peinado
Virgo | Zodiac | Antonio Peinado
Virgo | Antonio Peinado
Leo | Zodiac | Antonio Peinado
Leo | Antonio Peinado
Cancer | Zodiac | Antonio Peinado
Cancer | Antonio Peinado
Gemini | Zodiac | Antonio Peinado
Gemini |  Antonio Peinado
Taurus | Zodiac | Antonio Peinado
Taurus |  Antonio Peinado
Aries | Zodiac | Antonio Peinado
Aries |  Antonio Peinado
Aquarius | Zodiac | Antonio Peinado
Aquarius | Antonio Peinado


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