Wanderlust by Giovanni Moran


Giovanni Moran – There is a certain feeling of wonderment, daydream or even often a sense of escapism that we all have with our own certain reality that we face in our everyday life.

You can call it childish or far-fetched, but after awhile, one has to ask themselves when one experiences these feelings of wonderment, can you differentiate from fantasy and reality? This story will simply explore this ideology.

This is a story in collaboration with James Gregory, an albino fashion model and artist that relegates this daily perception of reality, more so to speak, in correlation to the shaded-grades of what you see with your eyes and how it is not entirely equating to what you perceive with your mind. Perception is the case; therefore, it is only one reality of the multitudes of worlds in one single mind alone. In exploration to our own human psyche, we’ve seamed to establish a very strong sense and grasp to the existence of mind, yet in the context of we consider real or mindful, we will ignore the very primitive validation to life’s existence, which of course is the essence of time. With time, we legitimize our existence of this formation of reality, without time, mind simply does not exist. During the delicate evolutionary stages of childhood, there is a limitless and an endless exploration of the imagination, yet once you enter adulthood, it slowly diminishes throughout time, and will lose all the essential necessities of infinitive knowledge and creativity.


There is a parallel universe that is forever sealed in photographs or in films, influencing the real yet physical world. If you think about the connection between reality and a certain utopia, the close correction between the two is exemplified similarly in reflection throughout the dreams we have a night. Dreams become the foundation of realty, with dreams you create the very complexities of creative freedom, you format potential obstacles that inspire your senses the moment you wake up from your sleep. On the contrary, in the Wanderlust editorial, it is essentially exploring that very concept, the mentality of living in a black and white reality and transiting to a more vivid world with an astonishing adventurist attitude without limitations or fluid boundaries. Even when you’re awake and out and about throughout your day, you can create a sense of wanderlust, where the feeling of travel or escapism takes a stronger hold in your state of mind. When the lights go out, and you lie comfortably in your bed, you enter a deeper transition to your sleep, you enter a world similarly to the living world, a night vision where you are the storyteller and you hold the pen to the timeline of the dream. [Official Website]








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